Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

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Day Trips, Theatre and Concerts

Requests for particular seats can be made at the time of booking both on the coach and at many attractions, however these seats are not guaranteed. We therefore reserve the right to alter a seating plan and allocate seats other than those you have booked. We shall have no liability in relation to any such change of speciication other than the diference in face value (if any) between the original and the actual seats allocated.
It is necessary for there to be a minimum number of passengers in order to operate an excursion. In certain circumstances, therefore, we may have to cancel the excursion and if this should happen we will return all of the money you have paid to us or ofer you a suitable alternative. The company will be exempt from any further liability.
Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded, exchanged or transferred to a diferent date unless the event itself is cancelled or moved to a diferent date.
Every endeavour will be made to complete the excursions as planned, however we cannot accept any responsibility for circumstances which we could not have predicted and which are beyond our control, such as weather, road traic conditions, technical problems or other similar, unusual or unforseen events.
The consumption of alcohol is not permitted. We operate a strict no smoking policy on all day trips.
We will refuse a booking or terminate a passenger’s travel in the event of unreasonable conduct.
All terms and conditions are under English Law